Born in Québec City, Canada in 1981, Amalie's interest in the arts was nurtured by a

vibrant and creative upbringing, surrounded by an artistic family of musicians and

painters of American and Palestinian descent. Aged 17, Amalie moved to Montréal

where she studied Creative Arts before completing her studies at the University of

Ottawa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree in 2004. Amalie moved to Toronto in 2006

where she debuted her work in solo and group exhibitions with Whippersnapper Gallery,

whilst undertaking much in demand private commissions. In 2010, Amalie won the

acclaimed ‘SELECTIONS’ 2010 Juried Art Prize at the Shenkman Arts Centre provided

by the AOE, Ottawa Arts Council in Canada.

Since moving to London in 2010, Amalie has been working from her studio in Kings

Cross which provides a constant source of inspiration fuelling Amalie’s allure to

architectural buildings. Alongside solo exhibitions at the Hardy Tree Gallery in London,

Amalie’s work was shown in March 2012 as part of ‘The Turtle Salon’, a group show

tribute for Micheal H Shamberg, the late influential American-video producer and

filmmaker. In 2013, Amalie’s ‘Midnight Blues’ series was widely regarded and listed as

one of the ‘Top Ten Must See Exhibitions’ in London by Tabish Khan of FAD magazine.

Two pieces from her 2014 series titled ‘Four Measures’, were selected in February 2015

to show in Venice, Italy at the International Art Expo ‘Liquid Room’ series.


Most recent body of work:

‘Measures in Motion’ 2017, delves into vibrant blends, bringing into harmony rhythm, scale,

light and balance. The quantifying directional pull of modern and ancient architectural

design direct these latest creations, which depict an engine of structure, support and

growth. Amalie’s alluring use of acrylic paint and oil pastels, blended with gold, copper

and silver leaf, draws the viewer into a compelling and dreamlike world of ethereal

abstract landscapes where colour pops are rooted by angular shapes meeting at points

of reference.

In Amalie’s words, For me, this series creates a familiar yet captivating space that

explores movement and delicate motions of reflection and light. These abstract

landscapes are inspired by the durability of ancient Egyptian pyramid architecture

aligned with modern angles, some juxtaposed with intricate Moorish inspired designs

from the Alcázar of Seville, Spain. I hope to reshape the viewer’s perspective of defined

structures and place them into planes of immeasurable heights.'

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